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The BioPhotonic Color Energizer©

We bring life - the light - into the cells!

It may seem incredible: there is light in our cells! Prof. Alexander Gurvich, a Russian physician, discovered this fact already in 1922, and since the 1970s the German physics professor Dr. Fritz A. Popp has re-evaluated this theory with modern research methods and found it to be true. Researchers around the world have since confirmed that the cells of all living beings emit light, an extremely faint light, a faint glow in living cells! It emits a few quanta per second and square centimeter, corresponding to the light of a candle which is twenty kilometers away. A light that intensifies during cell division, injury or the dying of the cell and which disappears in a dead cell.

The existence of these "biophotons" (gr. Βίος life, gr. Φως light) is now undisputed. Herbert Klima from Nuclear Institute of the Austrian Universities in Vienna names Fritz Popp to be the "pioneer of biophoton" who has done "serious scientific work for nearly thirty years". Udo Unrau, until two years ago academic director at the Institute for High Frequency Technology, Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany), calls Popp "a highly competent scientist who has really broken new ground".

Light in our cells: the biophotons

A photon is something that we can hardly imagine being real in a seemingly dual world in which it is presumed that there is only 0 or 1. Light has the structure of an electromagnetic wave and is also a bundle of many small bodies, the photons. So light is both radiation and matter! The visible part of sunlight is only about 40% of the incoming solar radiation, with wave lengths ranging from of 400 millionths of a meter (nano-meters / nm) (violet) to 760 nm (red) 50% of incoming sunlight is invisible to us in the wavelength range between 760 nm - 1 mm and another 10% between 400 to about 380 nm.In accordance to these facts the light emission of living beings is called "bio photon radiation", underscoring that biophotons are photons that come from living cells. Each of our body cell sends out biophotons in order to communicate with other cells through this ultra weak radiation.
This fact opened the way for the construction of "BioPhotonic Color Energizer".

The BioPhotonic Color Energizer is the color light shower for the body's cells - The ultimate revitalization of the body

What is the effect of wavelength segmented photon radiation in BioPhotonic Color Energizer®?

The BioPhotonic Color Energizer® is designed to positively affect all types of living cells. Its photon radiation reaches the cell membrane and even the cell nucleus, nurturing a biochemical photosynthesis in the cell and thus strengthening it.

A living cell needs to maintain many electrochemical processes for its specific function and these processes are affected by different electromagnetic waves, among them light. With the help of light (and thus photons), our cells regulate their internal processes, broadcast information about their condition and communicate with other cells. So light is essential for the life of our cells. All organisms - at least as long as they are alive - absorb light and also re-emit it again.

BioPhotons control life
Our cells are affected by many external influences. These include e.g. electric pulses, magnetic fields, and photons. Photons offer a specific feature when it comes to affecting the biochemical process and metabolism of the cell. Each cell type reacts differently on different wavelengths in the spectral range of light and therefore can be influenced with photons of certain wavelengths. The cells have filters for certain wavelengths and thus can only absorb energy (photons) with a certain wavelength. The better the specific energy demands of a cell are supplied, the better its functionality and its reproduction characteristics.

Light is vital - no life without light.
Light is the most important energy source for our body and mind. Therefore, we feel much more comfortable on sunny days than on misty ones. The best photon radiation is emitted by our sun. No wonder the sun is also called the source of all life. It has an enormously high photon radiation in the entire visible and non-visible wavelength spectrum. Unfortunately, the sun's photon beams emitted in wavelengths of the infrared and ultraviolet range can lead to permanent cell damage and even cell death, depending on their intensity. This unwanted radiation can overheat the cells by supplying too much energy, which can biochemically lead to an oversteer and even destruction of cells. Milder effects of excessive ultraviolet radiation is surely known too all of us: sunburn. Stronger effects can be the development of mutations that may result in the formation of cancer cells.

In order to supply our cells with photon beams of the right wavelength and dose, and thus further their growth, cell division, cell manipulation etc., a safe source of photon radiation is needed, which can not damage our cells. This is the purpose of the BioPhotonic Color Energizer®, which safely emits exactly the wavelength spectrums needed by the different cell types of our bodies.

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Prof. Hans-Peter Weber, an international ECT expert. Together with Dr. Rudolf Pekar, he founded modern ECT, in which treatments are done either with needle or flat electrodes depending in the individual situation of the patient and the location of the tumor.

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